Monetize your traffic

We offer the highest payouts in the industry. Attract new traders and gain 60% of revenue share for life.

How it works


Get your affiliate link in Bitlogic cabinet.

Find your unique link in your Bitlogic cabinet. Share it with the world. You receive 60% of all commissions generated by anyone who signs up through your link.


Promote your link in your blog, social media, PPC ads, and elsewhere.

Use the link in your Bitlogic cabinet to download a package with promo materials. All assets are ready to use and suit any campaign. Users you refer get a 30% deposit bonus. Use it as a selling point!


Track your payments

Track affiliate payments and statistics in your Bitlogic account summary. Use payments to top up your Bitlogic balance or withdraw profit anytime.

Who is your target audience?

We offer a universal product. There are very young active traders of a little over 18 years, and there also are senior adults of 60+. There are more men than women, but women’s trading activity is higher than men’s. We do not recommend to restrict traffic according to sex or age (except for it should be 18+). But if you really need to, you will be able to target men at the age of 18-55 for instance.

What are the recommended countries?

We have clients with a higher lifetime value from Scandinaviancountries and EU, as well as MENA countries, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Bitlogic platform is localized into English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Thai to reach more audience.

What I should not do?

  • All illegal ways of advertising, for example spamor traffic from hacked websites are strictly prohibited.

  • If you have a page or an app which looks identical or similar to any of our pages, you must specify that this site is not an official advertiser page and is created for your own advertising purposes.

  • Any kind of false advertising is prohibited; affiliates are not allowed to guarantee profitability as well as provide "100%-working strategies"; incentive traffic is strictly prohibited. In case of such violations, affiliate account will be blocked without further payments.

See FAQ section for more info.

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